Ray Kanter Drums for Hire - Drum Lessons Solana Beach, San Diego, CA

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Ray's new "Club" Drum Set


My name is Ray Kanter and I love to play drums. I’m the best drummer for your band, because I’m notably reliable, solid, and prepared. I always play appropriately for the musical situation and I get along well with others.

I’m a classically trained drummer; I began taking drum lessons in 1966. I continued drum lessons in Solana Beach, CA, and playing in orchestras, concert bands, marching band, and numerous rock bands throughout college. What a blast!

I keep myself busy teaching and giving drum lessons, playing in bands, recording, and writing my own music. Give me a call and let's make some music!  


(619) 341-1036

Ray is now playing with the Funk Shui and recording for Mystic I Studio's